Treatments and Prices

First Reflexology treatment  £49 (1.5hrs)

Includes free consultation.

Reflexology £40 (1hr)

These treatments use specific techniques and come with a treatment plan ensuring we tailor the sessions to your specific needs. This treatment will also provide deep relaxation and general body rebalancing.

This type of reflexology is suitable for anyone who has specific conditions, chronic pain or injury.

Pregnancy Reflexology £49 (1.5hrs)

Using colour therapy and specialist techniques, we can support you through your pregnancy, birth, and beyond, to support you and your baby to have your best pregnancy, birth and start to family life.

Reflexology with Reiki £49 (1.5hrs)

Reflexology with crystals £49 (1.5hrs)

First Reiki treatment £49 (1.5hrs)

Includes free consultation.

Reiki treatment £40 (1hr)