Clinical treatments for stress/insomnia and back/shoulder pain

“I started seeing Kyla with general stress and insomnia – I had back pain from working at a desk and carrying a laptop to and from work. Kyla instantly put me at my ease and took time to understand my lifestyle, health history and general symptoms. This was definitely different to other alternative therapists I have visited and reflects her overall professional approach. Within a short space of time, I began to feel relief in my back and shoulder pain and in a couple of treatments slept better and felt more refreshed in the morning. I would definitely recommend Kyla as a therapist and reflexology as a treatment for improving health and well-being – I wish I had met her years ago!”

– RG Bedfordshire


Clinical treatment for sciatica/fatigue and PMS

“I first visited Kyla for reflexology treatment as I had been suffering for over a year with immense fatigue. My immune system was run down and I had earache, stiff shoulders and PMT problems. I was taking anti-depressants, smoking, drinking and keeping myself going by drinking energy drinks all day. I had recently developed severe sciatica which meant I was unable to work. I was getting desperate. 

I had been to the doctors on many occasions during the year, I had received the usual health checks, blood tests etc. but the doctors could find nothing wrong. I had been prescribed pain killers and told it was probable a virus etc.! I KNEW there was something wrong as I was laid up in bed every 2 to 3 days with complete exhaustion! I would sleep at night but wake up feeling like I had run a marathon… So I was in a pretty sorry state when I first visited Kyla and remember saying to her ‘ If I feel better now, after all these months of feeling so ill, then I will prove that reflexology definitely works!’

Well, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope, but figured it would be nice to relax for an hour or so. But within two treatments my life began to change dramatically. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t feel so tired. I didn’t miss any more work through illness, a spiral seemed to begin where for the first time in years I felt strong enough to cut down on cigarettes and alcohol … the energy drinks weren’t needed and I began to cut down on the anti-depressants (under doctors supervision).

After about 10 sessions with Kyla I am now free of pain, free of exhaustion, free of antidepressants, free of cigarettes (for the first time in 30 years).

My friends and family have been amazed at the difference in my mental and physical state and many have made enquiries to Kyla to have reflexology themselves.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kyla, she is friendly, approachable, professional and a pleasure to spend time with. What she has done for me cannot be described in words but I will try…

Kyla is a miracle worker, she has rid me of pain and exhaustion and given me the ability to further mend myself. She has given me my life back and I am forever grateful.

LK – Bedfordshire


Clinical Treatment for pregnancy with extreme morning sickness

“I have been having reflexology during my first pregnancy and I have found Reflexology beneficial in several ways. Firstly it has helped me relax and I always get a brilliant night’s sleep after a session. Secondly it has helped minimise the more unfavourable symptoms of pregnancy this has included sickness, headaches, back ache, shoulder aches and general tiredness.

The sickness I experienced was a severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum and I became so ill I was willing to try anything to relieve the symptoms. Reflexology really helped combat the nausea and reduce the amount of sickness I experienced, a real life saver for me at a happy but horrible time.

Kyla is a calm person who listens and treats people in a very sympathetic and conscientious manor, taking your whole life style into account. Providing additional guidance for me during the pregnancy and being able to suggest alternative remedies to try i.e. Anti-sickness techniques & dietary advice.

-HD Bedfordshire

Clinical Treatment for Back pain and client suspected tight calf muscle

“My leg, hip and back is soooo much better today. I took your advice on the trapped nerve and my leg is nearly 100%. Thank you for the treatment yesterday, I’m feeling energised and feeling good today.” – TF Bedfordshire

“Another wonderful treatment that has discovered my trapped nerve, when my hospital consultant and physio failed to find it. With your treatment yesterday and a tiny amount of Reiki today my trapped nerve has nearly gone. Thank you Kyla Carter

– TF Bedfordshire

Clinical treatment for chronic migraines (suffered for many years)

“The day following my recent treatment I woke up with a headache, I was surprised I hadn’t had one in years, I only get migraines. It wasn’t a bad headache but it lasted most of the day. Late afternoon the next day I had a slight migraine and since then I’ve felt great every day. Have looked after my grandchild for four days, and a day out yesterday (both migraine triggers) which involved getting up very early. We were out for several hours with a lot of other people, something I get stressed about normally. I was fine, and we had a wonderful day. I slept for 11 hours last night and woke up refreshed instead of having a migraine for sleeping too long.

You have worked a miracle, thank you so much Kyla.” – AF Bedford

Clinical treatment for client suffering stress and anxiety

“I have had a few treatments from Natural Reflexology and had a very pleasant experience. Kyla ensured I was comfortable the whole time and was very professional. Would definitely recommend!” – SW Bedfordshire