About me

Hello, my name is Kyla, I have two children and enjoy being outdoors and all things natural. However, I am human like you, and therefore sometimes battle with the modern day demands and pressure of modern living, from not being able to rest when I’m feeling ill, to having to remind myself to drink more water!

I decided to train as a reflexologist in 2012, and was lucky enough to become one of the first students in the UK to train to a new higher level (level 5). This training has given me advanced techniques and an in depth understanding, which many of my clients will tell you has made me a very effective and professional reflexologist. I have also completed advanced fertility and pregnancy reflexology, ensuring I can treat your safely and effectively during this particular time in your life.

However, it takes more than technical knowledge and understanding to make a good therapist, and as the course required a minimum of 100 treatments I have also developed a professional and warm therapeutic style.

Check out my testimonial page to get a flavour of things my clients have said about me, but please do feel free to ring me for a chat about your particular needs, and to ask any further questions.

I believe passionately in the power of reflexology, and am constantly amazed by the response of my clients to their treatment plan, and the improvements they feel, often after only a few treatments.

Reflexology is a powerful therapy, which when applied professionally, can produce great results. However, it is not a ‘miracle cure’, and often a course of treatments will be recommended for a chronic condition, to ensure longer term and lasting effects can be experienced (normally between 4-6 treatments). I often ask my client how long they have put up with a problem (which is often years) and then suggest that maybe it will take a few sessions before the person’s symptoms see any improvement. 

Tel: 07765 814944 or 01525 402987
kyla@natural-reflexology.co.uk or use the contact link on this website.