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Due to current advertising standards around complementary therapies, we are restricted on what we can say reflexology can help to treat.

However, if you check out the ‘research’ page, there is a long list of conditions and things which reflexology has been clinically proved to help with. That’s better than some medical interventions!

However, the list is not exhaustive as there is still limited research underway, but we have lots of examples of clients we have helped, so just give us a call for a chat with no obligation, and we can discuss how reflexology may be able to help you.

About me: training and experience.

Hello, my name is Kyla, I have two children and enjoy being outdoors and all things natural. However, I am human like you, and therefore sometimes battle with the modern day demands and pressure of modern living, from not being able to rest when I’m feeling ill, to having to remind myself to drink more water!

I decided to train as a reflexologist in 2012, and was lucky enough to become one of the first students in the UK to train to a new higher level (level 5). This training has given me advanced techniques and an in depth understanding, which many of my clients will tell you has made me a very effective and professional reflexologist. I have also completed advanced fertility and pregnancy reflexology, ensuring I can treat your safely and effectively during this particular time in your life.

However, it takes more than technical knowledge and understanding to make a good therapist, and as the course required a minimum of 100 treatments I have also developed a professional and warm therapeutic style.

Check out my testimonial page to get a flavour of things my clients have said about me, but please do feel free to ring me for a chat about your particular needs, and to ask any further questions.

I believe passionately in the power of reflexology, and am constantly amazed by the response of my clients to their treatment plan, and the improvements they feel, often after only a few treatments.

Reflexology is a powerful therapy, which when applied professionally, can produce great results. However, it is not a ‘miracle cure’, and often a course of treatments will be recommended for a chronic condition, to ensure longer term and lasting effects can be experienced (normally between 4-6 treatments). I often ask my client how long they have put up with a problem (which is often years) and then suggest that maybe it will take a few sessions before the person’s symptoms see any improvement.

History of Reflexology

Reflexology has been shown to date back to 2500 BC in Egypt, where pictures were found in the tomb of a physician called Ankmahor. We also know that reflexology was also practiced in India, Japan and China. The North American Indian tribes knew the relationship between the reflex points on the feet and the internal organs in the body, and used it to treat disease. (picture of ancient reflexology would be good here).

However, it wasn’t rediscovered in our western world until an American Doctor by the name of William Fitzgerald discovered ‘Zone therapy’. Zone therapy was a discovery made about how the body has an anesthetising effect in a corresponding zone, when a certain reflex was stimulated on the feet.

Later a physiotherapist, by the name of Eunice Ingham, further explored this theory and developed reflexology as we know it today.

Reflexology, mostly uses the feet (but can also use the hands and face) to stimulate key reflexes which we believe are like mini maps of the entire body and its organs.

By stimulating these reflexes, the therapist can encourage the body to heal itself and return it to its optimum state of balance (or homeostasis as we call it).

It is this balance in our bodies, which helps us feel and be at our best, and helps us to become more resilient and healthy in mind, bodies and spirit.

What is reflexology and how can it help?

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy which is applied mainly through the feet (although it can be done on the hands and face). We apply gentle pressure to specific reflexes which we believe correspond to areas of the body. This is not only deeply relaxing, but also it also stimulates nerves and encourages blood flow which supports the body to rid itself of toxins and heal itself from the inside out.

The aim of reflexology is to gently support the body in its own healing to return it to its optimum state. This approach is both gentle, safe and effective and to ensure you get a holistic treatment we also provide tailored after care advice to maximise the efficacy of your treatment to optimise your wellbeing.

Reflexology, is both great as a one off deeply relaxing therapy, or as a course of treatments to manage more chronic conditions, pain and stress related conditions including anxiety and depression.

Often reflexology works as a preventative form of management for your health and wellbeing, helping to restore your body’s natural balance. Reflexology can help with both very general things and specific conditions, please see the ‘research’ page to see which conditions reflexology has been shown to be effective with.

Reflexology cannot claim to cure or diagnose, instead we work alongside conventional medicine to further complement any medical intervention being sought or offered. In fact, we will regularly ask clients to gain the consent of their GP/consultant before commencing a treatment plan, or refer people to other health professionals including GP’s, where appropriate.